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In addition to dental implants, Dr. Cornelius, being a periodontist, can perform a range of periodontic treatments designed to achieve your desired results. Best of all, these treatments can be performed alone or in combination with implants to provide you with optimal oral health and the smile of your dreams.


Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that reshapes the gums (and often the underlying bone) to expose more of the healthy tooth. This procedure can be done for cosmetic reasons to improve the proportions of your smile…


Receding gums can cause very serious problems ranging from worsening gum recession, exposed tooth roots, and eventual tooth loss. Receding gums can often cause tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, and can result in unsightly teeth …


If you have loose teeth, bleeding gums or bad breath, these may be indicators of advanced gum disease. However, gums are not the only thing affected by gum disease; it can damage the underlying bone as well. Osseous surgery can correct irregularities…

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